We couldn’t have been more excited and honored working with tech maven Angela Benton and her partner Issa Rae on helping to launch CLTURE.

CLTURE is a tech/data startup company that focuses on the common person taking back ownership of their data through what they stream daily. We were tasked to produce their launch video piece as well as their landing page.

We collaborated in how CLTURE’s story should be told. Our writer began drafting up scripts options that detailed what CLTURE is, who its for and how it works. From script to storyboarding, we began laying out the visuals of how the story would be conveyed. 

We first developed a treatment that was more cinematic. The goal was to showcase CLTURE as the disruptive solution to an industry that capitalizes off the data from minorities.

But after collaboration with CLTURE, we scrapped the creative idea but kept the general goal. We focused more on how we can tell the story through energy without compromising on the time we had to capture the audience’s attention. 

After hours of meetings and creative production, we landed on a final piece we we’re both were pleased with.

We extended our partnership with CLTURE to design their landing page. Using Webflow, we crafted a web presence that allowed the brand to breathe within the space created.