Plotwist • noun

A technique that introduces a radical change in the direction or expected outcome.

We help build brands and experiences that tell stories and connect with audiences.

We are small but passionate. We set clear goals and meet them. We stand by our work and execution. We love thinking out of the box and thrive in uncomfortable environments. We’re about exceeding expectations – changing the narrative and providing the best end to your brand story.

We sweat the small stuff, obsess over the details, and we are never satisfied. We enjoy working with people and companies who value stories.

Black owned. Millennial driven. Passionately human.

Black owned. Millennial driven. Passionately human.

Brandon Brown is the managing Creative Director behind Plotwist Creative.

With over a decade in PR/Advertising industry, Brandon has collaborated and led teams with a number of brands like Yamaha, US Dept of Transportation, SurveyMonkey, Dolby Sound, AXE, Olive Garden, SeaWorld, Arby’s, Cracker Barrel, and Nestle Boost.


Maya Campbell
Forrest Newton
Keiarra McLean
Spike Logan
Andy Hu
Emily Kurek

Kevin Ipina
Michael Meek
David Hendricks
Talia Hale
Sam Pak

Rob Jordan
Lex Luletta
Carlton Miller
Morgan Vines
Clare Davis


Brand Development

Positioning / Naming / Messaging

We help define what you stand for, your mission, your brand’s personality and how your brand lives in everyday interaction you have with your audience. We take care of everything from the heart of your brand to brand messaging.

Visual Identity

Design System / Logo Mark / Visual Collateral

We’ll develop a visual brand identity that resonates with your target audience, and achieves your positioning goals. We help convey the values and personality of your brand through visual elements that align with your business.

Creative + Digital Strategy

Research / Auditing

We become a part of your brand. We do the research, do our best to understand your market and target consumer and your overall business goals. Using our creative expertise and industry knowledge, we create aggressive go to market strategies to grow your business.

Content Production

Creative / Art Direction / Video + Photo

To attract attention and grow your bottom line, we develop innovative ideas and create polished content through design, photography and video. Everything from social posts to branded content, we help develop your story through solid creative.

Web Design + Development

WordPress / Ecommerce

Your website is frequently your first “conversation” with a potential customer. Using relevant design principles, we help ensure your website is meeting visitor needs so you can reach your business objectives.


Audience Behavior / Campaign Insights / Brand Audit

Once launched, we provide detailed reporting and insight on how you’re doing. This isn’t a set it and forget thing – it’s a set it, optimize and inform kind of thing. Insights and data are crucial to our success and sharing them with you in a digestible way is important. This allows you to see how we’re doing and how your business is growing.


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